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iPhone 7: key dates you need to know

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Apple hasn’t confirmed when the iPhone 7 will be revealed. But that doesn't mean we don't have a pretty good idea of when the company will pull the wrappers off its next-generation phone.

News about Apple's plans for the handset launch, as well pre-order availabilty and on-sale date, has been coming thick and fast in recent weeks.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Launch date: September 7th

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According to a report from Bloomberg, Apple will hold the iPhone 7's launch on September 7th.

The financial news website made the claim in a wider story about Apple’s plans for the MacBook range.

Considering the esteemed nature of the publication and Apple’s apparent predilection for briefing key US media to dampen expectations about the iPhone 7’s minor changes, this date seems nailed on.

Pre–order date: September 9th

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Two days after the launch event. That’s when Apple fans will be able to lay down their hard-earned cash and secure an iPhone 7.

At least that’s what renowned tech leaks specialist @evleaks reckons.

The man behind the account, Evan Blass, has a solid track record when it comes to revelations like this so his claims are to be trusted.

The date also tallies with Apple’s previous policy of making new handsets available for pre-order on the Friday after a keynote unveiling.

Release date: September 23rd

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According to leaked documents from US operator AT&T, Apple will release the iPhone 7 two weeks after it goes on pre–order.

The company is holding a ‘merchandising reset’ on September 23rd, meaning it will almost certainly rearrange its stores to put the iPhone 7 front and centre.

Two weeks is a long wait. But perhaps that'll give Apple a marketing window in which to talk up the iPhone 7s’ credentials, essential when the phone is little more than a minor improvement on last year’s edition.

Sales figures date: September 26th

If things go to plan, Apple will likely reveal how many iPhone 7 handsets it sold on the Monday after it goes on general release.

Last year this was a record 13 million units. However, on that occasion the numbers were boosted by the fact the iPhone 6s launched in China at the same time as the US and most of Europe.

Things will probably be different this year seeing as Apple is pouring all its energy into 2017’s tenth anniversary iPhone, and if numbers are down it may choose not to say how many it’s actually sold.

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