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iPhone 7 Pro: 5 things you need to know

iphone 7 pro

Apple’s new iPhone line-up is set to be a minor improvement on last year’s range.

But with design changes kept to a minimum, it seems the California company is looking at other ways to entice new customers.

Step forward the iPhone 7 Pro. Until recently, it was thought of as an alternative to the iPhone 7 Plus.

But it now seems the Pro model could actually be stand alongside Apple’s existing 5.5–inch handset, after new pictures showed the device next to its less fancy stablemates.

So, what do we know about the iPhone 7 Pro? Read on and we’ll reveal all.

1 Pro Plus

pro plus tablets

It pays to think of the iPhone 7 Pro as an amped-up version of the iPhone 7 Plus.

That means that the latter is likely to come with the same standard features as the smaller iPhone 7.

Think: the long-rumoured single lens camera, same Retina Display, but all in a bigger package.

The Pro, however, will come with improved specs, designed to entice power users and smartphone fanatics. Speaking of which...

2 Camera skills

iPhone 7 Pro Plus rear leak

For ages, it was thought the iPhone 7 Plus would come with a dual lens camera.

But the latest leaks from Apple’s Chinese supply chain suggest that it’ll be the iPhone 7 Pro that comes loaded a better camera.

That makes sense if Apple goes with the Pro name and will allow it to easily differentiate the device from the others in its lineup.

This sort of camera will let users refocus images after they’ve been taken and get better results in low light conditions. Gig-goers beware.

3 Smart Connector

smart connector ipad pro

Images of Apple’s three new iPhones stuff side–by–side show another key difference: a Smart Connector.

Neither the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus feature this technology, which until now has been limited to Apple’s iPad Pro models.

Bringing it to the iPhone 7 Pro means Apple will be able to sell accessories such as keyboards and possibly even trackpads or camera attachments.

At a time when the likes of LG and Motorola are releasing modular handsets, this would put Apple at the forefront of smartphone innovation.

4 Apple Pencil support

apple pencil

Apple’s iPad Pro has been a sleeper hit among creatives and the design community, especially thanks to its Apple Pencil stylus.

By releasing a Pro version of the iPhone, could Apple finally be bringing stylus support to its smartphone?

Such a move would have seemed far-fetched when Steve Jobs was alive, his hatred of styluses being well–documented.

But with Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 likely to gazump Apple’s iPhone announcement, perhaps Tim Cook and co are plotting something to steal their major rival’s thunder.

Stranger things have happened.

5 The name

Calling it the iPhone 7 Pro seems a bit clunky, especially as there has never been a Pro take on the iPhone better.

Perhaps by simply calling it the iPhone Pro, Apple will be able to draw in more punters and get away from a numbering strategy which at some point is going to have to be dropped anyway.

iPhone Pro certainly has a ring to it.

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