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iPhone 7 September 7th launch event: What to expect on the night

iphone 7 invite

Apple has officially confirmed that it will hold a special event in San Francisco on September 7th.

While the tech giant hasn’t revealed what products it will be launching, it’s widely expected that the company will unveil updated iPhones alongside a string of other new kit and software.

So, what exactly will we see? And when will you be able to get your hands on it?

Read on and we’ll reveal everything you can expect from Apple’s showcase.

iPhone 7

iphone 7 new leak

This is undoubtedly the main draw, despite the fact that Apple’s new flagship phone will likely be little more than a minor upgrade on last year’s iPhone 6s.

The iPhone 7 will feature some obvious changes: the lack of a headphone slot being the main tweak.

Music and audio will be accessible either via wireless Bluetooth or through headphones connected to the Lightning charging port.

The device’s antenna bands are set to be removed too. Inside, a new A10 chipset should offer faster performance, while a larger battery will deliver more power for longer periods.

The single lens camera is set to offer improved low light performance and optical image stabilisation (OIS).

iPhone 7 Plus


The larger of the two new iPhones, the iPhone 7 Plus is set to come with many of the same features as its smaller stablemate.

The key difference is set to centre on the camera. This larger device could have a dual lens snapper, with one wide angle and one narrow lens.

The idea is to offer better performance inside and when light fades, as well as giving users the chance to refocus images after they’ve been taken.

This handset, like the iPhone 7, is set to come in 32GB, 128GB and 256GB variants.

iOS 10

ios 10 hero

Revealed at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) back in June, iOS 10 will be detailed further on September 7th.

The updated operating system comes with a series of refinements, including the expansion of the Siri voice assistant tool, major improvements to the Messages app, a redesigned lock screen and an overhaul of Apple Music.

Chances are some new, hidden features will also be unveiled. It will work on iPhone 5 and later.

Apple Watch 2

apple watch health

There’s been a lot of chat about a new Apple Watch from supply chain sources.

Chances are Apple will reveal a new version of its smartwatch on September 7th, replete with improved battery and a stronger focus on fitness.

However, it does appear as if the device will still require an iPhone in order to work fully.

Apparently Apple had a model which featured a mobile chip, but has delayed it due to battery life issues.

A glimpse of the future

transparent phone future smartphone

Apple knows that the iPhone 7 is not going to help it reverse massive sales declines.

That’s why it’s been happy to see leaks about a major overhaul of the iPhone lineup which is due in 2017.

That device will celebrate the iPhone’s tenth anniversary. Could Apple tease us with some details? Stranger things have happened.

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