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iPhone 7 videos: 5 key things they reveal

iphone 7 v iphone 6s

Apple’s having a hard time keeping a lid on its iPhone 7.

After a slew of leaked component parts, now videos of dummy models are doing the rounds.

The aim of the clips is to show off new features and let keen consumers see just how the device stacks up next to last year’s iPhone 6s.

So, what do these latest clips show us? And do they make the iPhone 7 worth getting excited about? Read on and we’ll tell all.

1 No headphone jack

Just in case you’ve missed out on all the gossip, these new videos confirm what’s been rumoured all along. The iPhone 7 will not have a standard headphone jack?

Why? Well, Apple hasn’t said yet, but its reasons are likely to be manifold: to slim down the chassis; to give space for a bigger battery; or to ensure there are fewer places for liquid to enter. That's essential if the handset is going to be waterproof.

Owners will have to connect headphones via the iPhone 7’s Lightning port, or use a wireless set instead.

2 Dual speakers

With the 3.5mm headphone jack gone, the videos show that Apple is looking to boost the iPhone 7's music credentials by adding a second speaker.

A dual speaker set up means the iPhone will be able to handle hands- free calls better and offer louder music and audio, making Bluetooth speakers less alluring.

Is this worth ditching the headphone slot for? We’re not so sure.

3 Larger, single lens camera

While the iPhone 7 Plus is expected to feature a dual lens camera setup, the iPhone 7 has long been said to come with a single lens shooter, albeit a larger one than the iPhone 6s.

These videos bear that out, showing a much larger slot for the camera at the top of the device.

There’s no word on what sort of unit Apple has used for its latest snapper. But it's likely to be a top–end Sony effort, possibly with 21 megapixels of boosted low light performance.

4 No antenna bands

One of the big changes between the iPhone 7 and iPhone 6s can be found on the back of the handset.

The iPhone 7 does not have the ugly plastic antenna bands across its rear, making it look a lot sleeker.

Instead, Apple has shifted these to the top and bottom of the phone. However, only eagle–eyed Apple fans are likely to notice the change.

5 Very little to get excited about


Other than these minot changes, what the iPhone 7 videos show us is that this is a device that’s as incremental a change as you can imagine.

Apple will deny this when it launches in September, but really all it is is a holding handset, released to placate Apple fanatics before a major overhaul next year.

The question is, should Apple even have bothered releasing a phone in 2016?

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