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Five reasons iPhone 8 / iPhone X might not have everything its own way

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Apple’s iPhone 8 is imminent. That much we know.

But is the device destined to as much of a blockbuster handset that wipes the floor with the competition? That's less certain.

Here are five solid reasons Apple's new phone may not have everything its own way.

1 No home button

iphone 8 renders geskin

Change is never easy. Especially when it comes to an iconic gadget that has become a mainstay of popular culture over the past decade.

Apple’s plans to drop the physical home button from the iPhone 8 aren’t revolutionary. Samsung has already done the same on its Galaxy S8 and Note 8 after all.

But the change to such an iconic device could prove too much for some, especially as the suggestion is there won’t even be a virtual home button to resort to.

If users find it hard to get to grips with, it may hamper its success.

2 It's going to cost you

Piggybank money price

Apple is hardly known for selling its products on the cheap. But the iPhone 8, or iPhone X, looks set to become its priciest smartphone yet.

Analysts say it could cost anything between £900 and £1,200 SIM–free. The consensus is that prices will hover around the £1,000 mark, a huge amount for a phone.

Yes, this can be spread out over two years on contract, but monthly payments for a decent contract could easily top £70.

The high–end version of the Apple Watch failed to catch on because of its high price tag. Could the iPhone 8 suffer the same fate?

3 A delayed release

Apple invite iPhone 8 hero image

Apple might be launching the iPhone 8 on 12th September.

But even if it goes on sale on 22nd September, as has been mooted, supply is likely to be severely constrained.

Reports continue to emerge from the supply chain about deliveries of components only reaching assembly lines at the end of August, with analysts saying that could mean it's in short supply until November at the earliest.

Many will pre–order and be prepared to stick it out. But many may also find that they can’t wait and opt for a rival handset instead.

4 The Galaxy Note 8

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 front and sides hero image

It’s no secret that Samsung’s newest smartphone, the well reviewed Note 8, is its best yet. And while at £869 SIM–free it’s very expensive, it’s likely to be more affordable than the iPhone 8.

Throw in a dual lens camera, latest Android software, stellar camera and the ability to turn it into a PC with Samsung’s Dex station, and Apple has a serious rival that could hamper its new flagship in a major way.

5 No 512GB option

iphone storage

It’s been widely assumed that Apple will offer a 512GB version of the iPhone 8. However, UBS analysts reckon the phone may top out at 256GB.

That’s still a lot of space, but for power users, it’s simply not enough if they want to use their phone for work purposes, be it editing 4K video or writing up Word documents.

With Samsung offering microSD as part of its Galaxy Note 8, Apple needs to come out all guns blazing to ensure success.

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