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iPhone 8 / iPhone X: all the last-minute rumours in one place

iphone 8 new renders

There are just days left until Apple throws open the doors of its new California campus and reveals the long–awaited iPhone 8.

And just as with previous years, there's been a last-minute flurry of rumours before Tim Cook takes to the stage at 6pm UK time on 12th September.

Here are all the up-to-the-minute slices of gossip to tide you over until things get official.

It's not iPhone 8. It's iPhone X

X treasure map

Apple was always likely to give its tenth anniversary iPhone a special name, despite rumours flying about a device that everyone is still calling the iPhone 8.

The smart money now seems to be on iPhone X, with sources telling US media that’s Apple’s preferred moniker.

It makes sense, the X perhaps being read as 10 to mark a decade since Steve Jobs revealed the very first Apple smartphone.

Or iPhone Edition...

Apple Watch Series 2 design

Some gossip hounds reckon that Apple will plump for iPhone Edition rather than iPhone X.

Why? Because it’s already tried such a naming strategy with its Apple Watch, the top–end version of which also bears the 'Edition' brand.

Seeing as the tenth anniversary iPhone will be a premium take on the company's existing range, this does make some sense. Although iPhone X is certainly more likely at this point.

Pre–orders start 15th September

apple store queues

With Apple holding its launch event on 12th September, attention has now turned to when its new handset will be up for grabs.

Reports have pointed towards a 22nd September on sale date, but a new rumour from Germany indicates that networks over there are shaping up to take pre–orders from next Friday, 15th September.

That tallies with Apple’s approach in previous years and would also give it a good sales story to pitch to the press a week after the phone’s launch.

The only stumbling block is that supply could be so short that it can’t fulfil those pre–orders until much later in the year.

There are only two versions


Analysts can’t agree on whether Apple will release three versions of its iPhone X, or two.

The latest reports point towards the latter, with UBS claiming that there will be just 64GB and 256GB models, with the aim of keeping the price steady around $1,000 in the United States.

With price a big point of contention, this doesn’t sound outlandish.

However, there will surely be a 512GB edition of the new iPhone, something which UBS doesn’t believe Apple will risk as it will be too costly. Time will tell.

Samsung is the reason for the high price

Piggybank money price

Apple is massively reliant on its biggest rival when it comes to manufacturing the iPhone 8.

Samsung is the only supplier of OLED screens for the new iPhone, with a report from analyst Ming Chi Kuo saying that this monopoly has meant Samsung is able to drive up the price of parts, forcing Apple to pass the cost onto consumers.

Apple is apparently working on its own OLED factories in Asia, meaning its dependence on Samsung is likely to dwindle in 2018.

Want more iPhone 8 rumours? We've collated all the news and speculation for our one-stop round-up.

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