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iPhone 8 launch date: five things we know so far

Apple’s iPhone 8 launch date isn’t yet official. But there’s a growing consensus around a particular date, with months of rumours and speculation finally set to reach a head.

So, what do we know about Apple’s launch plans? And when will we get definite word from Tim Cook and co? Read and we’ll tell you five things we know so far.

1) Launch date: 12th September


A source speaking with the Wall Street Journal, as well as carriers across the Channel in France, have all claimed that Apple is working towards a 12th September launch date for the iPhone 8.

That’s a Tuesday, a day Apple typically likes to use to launch its headline products. And it makes sense. After all, 5th September is the day after the U.S. Labor Day holiday and 19th September is later than Apple usually cares to reveal new kit.

2) Release date: 22nd September

iPhone 8 mirrored silver geskin

WSJ sources have not said when the iPhone 8 will be on shelves. But those speaking with Apple watchers in France say the handset will be up for grabs from 22nd September, the Friday after launch date.

This tallies with Apple’s usual approach of releasing its new iPhone the Friday after it’s been launched, giving it time to ride a wave of hype, while including first weekend sales in its quarterly results.

3) Held at Apple Park

Apple Parks Steve Jobs theatre

Interestingly, insiders speaking with the WSJ reckon Apple will hold its launch event at its new Apple Park campus, in the 1,000 seater Steve Jobs theatre.

It’s a surprise, as Apple Park isn’t finished yet, but may give the media something else to swoon over, as is tradition when reporting on iPhone events. Apple usually holds its events at theatres in San Francisco or San Jose.

4) More than just the iPhone 8


Apple may be the launching the iPhone 8 on 12th September. But that won’t be all.

There are plans for new iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus models, made from glass to allow for wireless charging. There should also be an updated Apple Watch Series 3, featuring LTE smarts so it can be used without connecting to an iPhone.

Apple will also detail final plans for iOS 11, including its launch date on older iPhones and iPads.

5) Availability unknown

iPhone 8 dummy model video

While a 22nd September release date is likely, the number of devices available at launch remains unclear.

Reports have long suggested that Apple is struggling to ensure it has anything close to enough phones to satisfy demand, with many analysts expecting it will take until November for Apple to meet the clamour for its new phone.

That will be the case even if prices do top out above £1,000, as has been widely reported.

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