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iPhone 8: the new rumours that change everything

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The launch of Apple’s iPhone 8 is still a good six months away.

But the rumour mill has been at full tilt since the end of 2016, giving us what seemed a clear picture of what to expect this time around.

However, a series of new leaks suggest a lot of what we thought we knew about 2017’s most hotly anticipated smartphones is wide of the mark.

Here we take a close look at the fresh rumours that change the way we should look at Apple’s 10th anniversary smartphone.

It'll cost less than $1,000, not more

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Plenty of gossip hounds seemed certain that Apple would break the $1,000 mark with the iPhone 8, giving it a premium price tag to match its slick, new premium features.

However, a UBS analyst reckons this is a myth.

Steven Milunovich says that the iPhone 8 will cost Apple around $70 more to make than the top–end iPhone 7s Plus, meaning it will cost between $850 to $900 SIM–free for a 64GB model.

This will rise to $950 for a 256GB edition. Not much cheaper, but psychologically it may not put off upgrading iPhone owners.

As for pricing this side of the Pond, we aren't ruling out a price over £1,000, once you factor in the premium Brits pay for Apple gadgets.

Much brighter screen

iPhone 8 concept hero image

It had long been assumed that Apple would make the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus no more than iterative updates, putting all its latest tech into the ultra swanky iPhone 8.

But a Barclays analyst has suggested this won’t be the case, with Apple bringing the iPad Pro’s ‘True Tone’ display tech over to all new iPhone models in 2017.

That means that while the iPhone 8’s OLED may have a bigger resolution, the improved brightness of its stablemates means they won’t be lagging far behind.

It might not land until later than expected

It had been widely assumed that Apple would release the iPhone 8 in September, sticking with the same launch timeframe it’s had since 2010.

However, in some quarters it's claimed the iPhone 8 may not be available until later in the year.

A report from China’s Economic Daily News says that the phone may not be available until November, due to manufacturing problems with its OLED display and 3D imaging tech.

Apple may well reveal the device in September, but hold back its release.

If that happens, Samsung will likely get a longer run at consumers, hampering iPhone sales.

Wireless charging won't be over-the-air

iPhone 8 wireless charging concept

At the start of 2017, all the iPhone 8 talk centred on a revolutionary new wireless charging method, using special transmitters to charge the device over–the–air.

Now, it seems that such chat was pie–in–the–sky. Analyst reports now point towards something a lot less interesting: inductive wireless charging.

These kind of wireless charging plates have been around for years for Android phones and simply don’t cut it.

Apple would be better off waiting until it can offer something more cutting edge.

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