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iPhone 8 Plus battery issues: everything you need to know

Apple has launched an investigation after two users said the batteries on their iPhone 8 Plus stopped working, causing the casing of the phones to pop open.

The issue is likely to dominate tech headlines, even if it at first appears to be a limited problem, unlike the ill-fated Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7.

But if you’ve bought an iPhone 8 Plus, or are thinking about it, here’s what you need to know.

Just two phones have been affected

It appears the problem is so far limited to two phones. One owned by a woman in Taiwan who said her iPhone 8 Plus popped open after it was charged with Apple’s official Lightning cable.

The other by a Japanese consumer who claims the front of the device was open when he unboxed it for the first time.

No explosions

The good news here is that neither device exploded, something which can occur when batteries overheat and expand.

This was the case when the batteries in Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 blew up due to the fact they were too big for their housing.

It’s thought that the iPhone 8 Plus pops open when the battery overheats in order to prevent an explosion.

Gases in the phone are to blame, it seems

iPhone 8 battery burst

Apple-watchers have claimed that the battery inside each iPhone 8 Plus swelled due to unspecified gases leaking inside the phone.

That’s not been confirmed by any official sources, however, and at this time remains speculation.

Apple is looking into the problem

After pictures of the opened devices spread across social media, Apple responded by saying that it is “...aware and looking into it.”

It’s believed both models have been sent to Apple for further investigation.

It's not widespread

Unlike the Galaxy Note 7 debacle, this appears to be an isolated issue.

Samsung’s woes were highlighted constantly on social media, with new cases every few hours over a number of weeks.

The fact that only two phones seem to have been affected suggests this is not something that potential owners of the iPhone 8 Plus should be overly concerned with.

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