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iPhone Edition: 5 things set to make the next iPhone special

Apple’s long–awaited smartphone looks as if it will stand out from the crowd by ditching its numeric moniker altogether, going by the name of iPhone Edition instead of the iPhone 8.

A Japanese Apple fan site with a solid track record when it comes to iPhone gossip has predicted the change, and it makes a large amount of sense. Apple’s top–end smartwatch is called the Apple Watch Edition, after all. The whole thing suggests this will be an even more premium device than we first thought.

Here are five things that set to make the iPhone Edition special.

1. Price tag

iPhone 8

Apple’s not shy when it comes to slapping hefty price tags on its kit. Just ask MacBook Pro owners. And by going with the iPhone Edition name, it seems to be finding ways to justify asking consumers to shell out a premium for the tenth anniversary iPhone.

Recent reports suggested this could be as high as $1,000 SIM–free in the U.S. Considering the first ever Apple Watch Edition cost over $10,000, this seems entirely in keeping with Apple’s wider rationale of demanding high prices from its fan-base.

2. Design

iPhone 8 concept size

The same Japanese report suggests that Apple is looking at a string of different prototypes for the iPhone Edition. But they all have one thing in common: they will mark a change from the existing iPhone design, which has stayed much the same for a decade.

Whether it’s made of toughened ceramics, glass or aluminium, it will doubtless look and feel a lot sleeker than existing iPhone models and the planned iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus.

3. OLED display tech

iPhone 8 Handy Abovergleich

Apple has long lagged behind the likes of Samsung when it comes to display tech. The iPhone Edition should come with an OLED screen, however, which would be a first for an Apple smartphone.

This usually doesn’t cause SIM–free prices to go much beyond £600 for the very best Android devices. But with the Apple logo round the back, you can bet it’ll be a major reason for Cupertino upping the cost of its tenth anniversary mobile.

4. Curved screen

iPhone 8 concept curved screen

Apple is sticking with a tried and tested upgrade strategy for the iPhone 7, with plans for a similar iPhone 7S said to be well advanced. What will make the iPhone Edition stand apart from its stablemates will be a curved screen, said to measure 5.8–inches in total with a 5–inch active area on the front of the phone. This will likely be billed as revolutionary, when in fact it’s been a staple of high–end Samsung phones for two years.

5. Its own launch

iPhone 8 concept

The Japanese insiders reckon that with Apple still at the prototype stage, the iPhone 8 won’t be out at the same time as the iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus. Those devices are set for a September release. By giving it its own launch date later in the year, Apple will be able to build hype, just as it did with the original iPhone back in 2007.

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