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iPhone wireless charging: 5 things you need to know

iphone 7 wireless charging concept

Following reports Apple is staring down the barrel of its first-ever slide in smartphone sales, news of its plans for future iPhones seem to be emerging thick and fast.

The latest rumours suggest major moves are afoot to add wireless charging to the iPhone, possibly as soon as 2017.

It’s a bit of gossip we’ve heard plenty of times before, but now it’s been fleshed out in some detail.

So, what’s the deal? Read on and we’ll reveal all.

1 Extended charging area

iPhone wireless charging

Apple is said to be looking at tech which will allow users to charge up their iPhones when they're some distance from a power source.

This would be different to existing wireless charging solutions from the likes of Samsung and Sony, whose charging plates never caught on.

Quite simply, having your phone lying on a charger plate plugged into the wall was not exactly revolutionary. And it wasn't that much more convenient than regular charging either.

2 There are issues to overcome

iphone wireless charging

The further you get away from a power transmitter, the less charge a device can receive.

That means charging an iPhone wirelessly could take a long time and may not even work that well if a user is still tinkering with their device.

Sources say Apple is looking to get around this major stumbling block.

3 Likely launch date is 2017

Previous rumours suggested that Apple might try and sneak wireless charging into this year’s iPhone 7.

Hmm. That now looks like wishful thinking, with insiders claiming the tech is being pegged for 2017’s ‘S’ update instead.

This should allow Apple plenty of time to get the development nailed.

4 Your Mac could be your charger

apple wireless charging

One old patent filing from Apple suggests that the company is looking to use Mac computers as charging hubs.

Utilising near field magnetic resonance technology, it would allow iPhones within one metre to charge up without being plugged in.

That filing was made in 2010, though, so there’s every chance that Apple may have sussed out a way to allow charging much further away from its home computer.

5 Radio waves to the rescue

radio waves and wireless charging

A much more recent patent, though, one which was only revealed at the end of last year, suggests Apple could actually allow users to charge their iPhones via its aluminium casing.

This would involve radio waves passing through the smartphone’s frame.

This seems more likely than the Mac method, largely because iPhone-owners massively outstrip Mac-owners.

Keen to know more about wireless charging? Power up and get fully on board with our wireless charging guide.

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