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iPhone X: 5 ways it's about to change everything for smartphones

Apple’s new iPhone X promises to be a step change for smartphones.

While it augments many features that have already been seen in some devices, its breadth of skills and new design look set to herald a new way of using the most important gadget in our daily lives.

Here’s how the iPhone X looks set to change everything.

1 The end of the home button

iPhone X hero image 1

Samsung may have already gone all screen with its Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8. But the simple fact is that Apple is a more mainstream company and the iPhone X will be a more mainstream product.

The decision to ditch the home button is unsurprising, but it promises to change how we interact and use smartphones for good.

It’s not just the fact that the screen dominates the device, but also that unlocking it uses Face ID facial scanning tech that is far more advanced than anything available right now.

2 AR goes mainstream

iPhone X augmented reality camera hero image

Augmented reality is nothing new. But the fact that Apple has gone to town to put it front and centre on the iPhone X means that it will be ubiquitous over the next 12 months.

Its skills are myriad: from allowing gamers to become more immersed in virtual worlds, to offering up stats and details on players when the device is held up during a sports game (as Apple showed with the MLB app).

AR is going to be in countless apps as developers get to grips with how it works.

3 A true compact camera killer

iPhone X back of phone hero

Smartphone cameras have long heralded the end of standalone cameras. But the iPhone X’s dual lens shooter, which has dual optical image stabilsation and clever new Portrait Lighting modes, takes things to a whole new level.

Until now, low light performance on smartphone cameras has generally always been poor. The iPhone X’s wide apertures on both lenses promises to fix that for good.

4 Hefty prices are the new normal

You can baulk at Apple charging north of £1,000 for a smartphone. But you can guarantee that it will sell millions of iPhone Xs, even though the device is not out until November.

The high-end tech found in flagship smartphones means that companies like Apple will always charge a premium.

Samsung already does the same with its Galaxy Note 8. It means that we’re now at a point where a new, exclusive range of smartphones sits above an already stellar array of products which would once have been called cutting edge.

5 Wireless charging will be everywhere

Wireless charging mats are as old as the original iPhone. But Apple’s decision to make its own AirPower mat for release in 2018, as well as offering support for wireless charging in the iPhone X via the open Qi standard, means they will soon be everywhere.

Apple execs spoke at launch of having wireless chargers in airports and restaurants, while promising to offer charging points in its own stores. The days of needing a charger with you are surely numbered.

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