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iPhone X on Sky Mobile: Five things you need to know

Apple’s iPhone X is up for pre–order from 27th October. And Sky Mobile has just unveiled its price plans for the highly anticipated new smartphone.

With a wide array of deals, which are particularly good if you already have Sky TV, and price points to suit most budgets, here are five things you need to know about scoring an iPhone X from the TV giant’s mobile network.

1) Bargains to be had


For just £42 a month, you can score an iPhone X up front at no extra cost. This deal is part of Sky’s Swap24 plan, which allows you to trade in your phone for a new one after two years, or see your monthly bill drop as you’ve paid off the cost of the device.

What does £42 get you? 500MB of data for starters. Unlimited calls and texts if you have Sky TV. Or pay as you use calls and texts if you don’t.

2) Best for Sky customers

Woman using Sky Mobile on the train

As with all Sky Mobile deals, its iPhone X packages are best if you’re already paying for Sky TV. For existing customers, every single package comes with free calls and texts.

That’s a major boon and a good reason to sign up for a telly deal as well. Paying as you go is the name of the game for non–Sky TV punters, which may not prove economical in the long run.

3) A new phone every year

iPhone X three phones hero image

Sky’s Swap12 plan is pricier than its Swap24 offering, but it does offer a major boom in comparison. Signing up means you can score a new phone after just a year.

It involves paying a one–off fee of £99 for an iPhone X. But then £59 a month will score you a more than ample 1GB of data. This rises to £64 for 5GB and £69 for 10GB.

Want to know more? Check out our handy guide to everything you need to know about Sky Swap contracts.

4) Heaps of extras

Sky Mobile phone using data rollover

All Sky Mobile deals offer Roll, the perk which allows users to rollover data into their Sky Piggybank, which can be accessed at any time over a three-year period. It means there’s no way of losing out on any data that doesn’t get used. Sky TV customers can sync Sky+ recordings to watch on–the–go too.

5) And a chance to change

Sky Mobile phone using mix feature

Sky Mobile’s Mix offer means users can swap their deal throughout their contract depending on how much data they want.

So if you have a 500MB contract but want more, just get in touch and you can tweak your contract. Likewise, you can swap to less data if you’re having a month when you’re not using loads of internet–based services.

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