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iPhone X Plus? iPhone SE 2?: five rumours about Apple's plans for 2018

2018 isn't even a month old. But already the tech world is alive with chatter about what Apple has planned for the iPhone range over the coming year.

A series of reports have given keen Apple-watchers a good look at what to expect, but is any of it on the money? Or should we treat the rumours and leaks as baseless conjecture?

We take a look at the five key things we think we know so far about Apple’s plans for the iPhone in 2018.

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Last year's iPhone X is going to the big phone shop in the sky

iPhone X two handsets stood up app tray hero size

Ming Chi Kuo, the analyst who regularly gets his Apple predictions spot on, claims that the Californian company is going to kill off the current iPhone X model by the end of the year.

Why? Apparently because Apple doesn’t want to slash the price of its 2017 flagship phone and then crowd out other handsets that it has lined up for release.

For years, Apple has always kept the previous iPhone model on sale at a lower price point in order to entice more customers.

It seems, though, that in 2018 that strategy is coming to an end.

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Expect a larger iPhone X Plus model

iPhone X Plus render

Ever since the iPhone X was released in November 2017, there’s been talk of plans for a larger model.

Reports citing supply-chain sources, including ones from Kuo, all suggest these rumours are true.

It’s expected that the tentatively titled iPhone X Plus would feature a massive 6.5–inch OLED screen, as well as the same Face ID and camera tech as any updated iPhone X model.

The price? With a top–end iPhone X already priced £1,149, this device could easily top the £1,300 mark.

And a cheaper LCD edition too

While Apple is planning a new iPhone X and iPhone X Plus, it also appears to be priming a third model that sits, at least size–wise, between the two.

This handset, with a 6.1–inch screen, will use LCD rather than OLED tech, according to sources.

That matters, as it means the price will be significantly lower than £999.

It’s this handset that Apple doesn’t want the current iPhone X to cannibalise, hence the latter will likely be discontinued.

iPhones with home buttons are here to stay (for now)

iPhone 8 and 8 Plus front hero image

The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus appear to be outselling the iPhone X, at least according to their party data.

That means that the handsets, which retain the same home button design seen on the iPhone since 2007, will probably be kept in the 2018 line-up, hopefully at a lower price point.

The question remains, will Apple offer bring to market 8s and 8s Plus editions, or stick with what it’s got?

A new iPhone SE is on the way

iPhone SE 2 renders hero

This seems nailed-on, especially as the current iPhone SE is almost two years old. That's a long time by smartphone standards.

Recent gossip points towards a glass frame that will mean it can be charged wirelessly, an improved camera and the same internal specs as 2016’s iPhone 7.

Look out for a spring launch.

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