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iPhone XR: Five things you need to know

The inside line on Apple's new, more affordable iPhone

The iPhone XR is aimed at those who want the same eye-catching looks as last year’s iPhone X, but don’t want to stump up £1,000 SIM–free for the privilege.

Featuring older tech in order to keep costs down and priced from £750, it has the potential to be the bestselling version of Apple's new phones.

Think it's got your name on it? Read on and we’ll tell you five things you need to know.

1 The ‘r’ stands for...

iPhone XR front and back camera detail front and back hero size

Apple hasn't actually said what the 'r' stands for. But unlike the iPhone 5c from 2013, it's most definitely not a slouch compared with its fancier stablemates.

While it lacks some key features of high-end Apple phones (read on for more details) the iPhone XR does still come with Face ID, Apple’s market–leading 3D facial scanning smarts that first appeared on the iPhone X last year.

2 LCD screen is less bright. But you need eagle eyes to notice

iPhone XR faceID hero size

As predicted by analysts way back at the start of 2018, the iPhone XR comes with a LCD rather than OLED screen. These are more affordable and easier to source for Apple, meaning it can pass savings onto the consumer.

The 6.1–inch display might not pop like the OLED ones found on the iPhone Xs and iPhone XS Max, but it uses special Liquid Retina smarts to max out pixels around the edge of the device, meaning only true tech nerds will be able to tell the difference.

3 It's just as powerful as its stablemates

iPhone XS XS Max and XR homescreens hero size

Apple has opted to fit the iPhone XR with its A12 processor, the same as the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max.

That means it will work as fast as the iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max, along with new iOS 12 software. That's a major surprise, with rumours pointing towards it packing an older A10 chip.

4 No 3D Touch and a single lens camera

iPhone XR camera full screen blue hero size

Another way for Apple to cut corners without compromising experience. The iPhone XR does not come with pressure sensitive 3D Touch, but does have 'haptic touch' for accessing the camera from the homescreen.

That’s no real loss, especially as the feature, which debuted on the iPhone 6s, has never really caught on.

In fact, Apple is rumoured to be ditching it completely from its iPhones from 2019 onwards.

The single-lens camera might not offer the same depth of field or precision of its stablemates’ dual lens effort, but promises to be every bit as sharp as that found on last year’s iPhone 8.

5 The price is right

You can pick up the iPhone XR on monthly contract deals from all major networks. Take a look at a selection of the best deals at our comparison page.**

Want the phone SIM-free? Apple is selling iPhone XR for £749 SIM free for a 64GB version, with 128GB and 256GB models priced £799 and £899 respectively.

That’s a major drop from the £999 SIM–free cost of 2017’s iPhone X and suggests the company wants more consumers to get used to its home button- free design.

While the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max will appeal to consumers with plenty of cash, the iPhone XR will be a better option for those who want to upgrade, but can live without all the bells and whistles.

The iPhone Xr comes in six colours: white, black, blue, coral, red and yellow.

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