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Red iPhone 7 and new iPhone SE: everything you need to know

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This week Apple surprised us by unveiling some additions to its iPhone range, without holding one of its characteristically all-singing, all-dancing PR launch events to announce their existence.

But with a striking red colour option and an updated edition of the iPhone SE, that's not to say that the new handsets aren't notable.

Below, we outline everything you need to know.

Better red than dead


Apple has long partnered with Product Red, a global initiative that works to alleviate suffering caused by HIV and AIDS.

And that’s where the new red iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus models come in.

These attention-grabbing models join the standard white, jet black, black, gold and rose gold models in Apple’s line-up.

A percentage of each sale goes to Red to help with its work. The phones are available in 128GB and 256GB versions.

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More storage...

iphone storage

The iPhone SE was widely hailed at launch last year as the small phone everybody had been waiting for.

It came with similar specs to the iPhone 6s, including the same camera and A9 processor. However, where it fell down somewhat was storage.

The 16GB entry-level model left virtually no space for games and content heavy apps, meaning investing in iCloud storage was a must.

A larger 64GB model did the job, but was more costly.

The good news is that the fresh take on the iPhone SE will be available in a much more practical 32GB and 128G options.

...but at the same price

The best news about the iPhone SE update is that Apple is not raising the price of either model.

That means you can pick up a 32GB iPhone SE for £379 SIM–free, or pay £479 for a 128GB edition.

That marks a major shift in usual Apple policy and should mean plenty of the new models fly off shelves in the next few months.

Sadly, no other improvements

Apple might have boosted the iPhone SE’s storage. But otherwise the phone’s internal specs remain the same.

They’re still more than respectable.

But considering they’re based on 2015’s iPhone 6s, the device will feel long in the tooth by the end of 2017, especially with Apple planning on revealing a rejigged iPhone 8 with new design and top–end features

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