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Samsung Galaxy Fold: everything you need to know

The future's here. And it folds.
Samsung Galaxy Fold

At last, Samsung’s foldable smartphone is here. The Galaxy Fold was unveiled during the tech giant’s Unpacked event in San Francisco and promises to change the way the world sees smartphones.

Unlike anything else currently available, it comes with some truly cutting edge features and a price tag to match. Read on and we’ll tell you five things you need to know.

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1 It’s a tablet...and a smartphone

The Galaxy Fold made a brief appearance during Samsung’s developers conference in November 2018. But now we have precise details of what to expect of this device which can be folded from a tablet into a smartphone.

The tablet’s display is a plentiful 7.3–inches with a decent 1536 x 2152 resolution. When folded in half, it turns into a smartphone, with a 4.6–inch screen.

The latter, we’ll admit, looks a tad underwhelming inside some rather large bezels, but there’s no escaping the fact that this product is leading the way. No other company has a phone like this (yet).

It’s one for early adopters, but that’s no bad thing.

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Use three apps at once

Samsung Galaxy Fold unfolded three apps at once launch hero size

Google is backing Samsung all the way by making Android easier to use on folding smartphones.

For its part, Samsung is ensuring the Galaxy Fold uses software to its full potential, with the ability to run three apps at once.

During Unpacked it showed YouTube, WhatsApp and Google Search all running alongside each other.

Two batteries, six cameras and loads of storage

Samsung Galaxy Fold camera for every angle launch hero size

Samsung has crammed two batteries inside the Galaxy Fold, clearly with the aim of ensuring that this is a device that doesn’t lose power after 36 hours of use.

What’s more, it’s included a main triple lens camera, a dual front–facing camera for when the tablet screen is open and a single front–facer when in smartphone mode.

The device has a hefty 512GB of storage, backed up by a snappy 12GB of RAM.

4G and 5G options available in four colours

Samsung Galaxy Fold colours

Samsung will offer the Galaxy Fold in 4G and 5G options, the right move considering the latter is set to become the biggest news in mobile in 2019. There will be four colours available: black, green, blue and silver.

These keep things in line with the new Galaxy S10 range. Not that colours will be high on the agenda when the tech inside bests pretty much anything else out there right now.

And a hefty price tag too

There’s no getting around it. The Galaxy Fold makes the Galaxy S10 look like a budget phone by comparison.

It will cost from €2,000 when it launches in Europe on 3rd May. And although each UK pricing has yet to be revealed, you can expect it to cost close to £2,000.

With only a million or so models expected to be made, they’ll likely be gold dust too.

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