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Compare deals from mobile networks

Like the look of a deal, but want to see if the network offers something even better? Or maybe you want to get a clearer picture of coverage, pricing and any customer incentives you’d benefit from if you join?

Here, you can compare deals on a network-by-network basis. And to help you make the right decision, we outline everything that’s good and not-so-good about the UK’s major networks, too.

Compare deals from all mobile networks

Mobile phone networks

The UK's mobile phone networks are some of the world's best, offering nationwide coverage for 3G and 2G, innovative services and attractive monthly and pay as you go tariffs and calls, mobile data and text message allowances.

Mobile phone networks range from those targeted at cost-conscious consumers to those offering a full suite of high-end services aimed at customers who really want to get the most out of their high-end smartphones. In this section, we'll give you a short precis of the main strengths of the UK's largest carriers to help you make an informed decision. You'll then be able to click on the appropriate network icon above and check out handset offers and price points.

The biggest UK mobile networks are:

  1. Vodafone
  2. O2
  3. EE
  4. Three

Read on to find out more information about these UK network providers.


Vodafone's range of mobile phone deals runs from the cutting-edge latest iPhone to much cheaper phones aimed at people who do not want or need the most advanced communications services and technology. Pay as you go customers also benefit from the great FreeBees incentive, giving them additional credit and other goodies for topping up.

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O2 was the first ever UK network to sell Apple's iPhone, with the company's CEO Steve Jobs choosing the carrier principally for the quality of its 3G coverage. Although O2's exclusivity deal with Apple has now ended, it has retained its reputation for superb mobile internet provision. It's also still one of the go-to networks when you're in the market for a high-end handset, including the latest Android models.

Sweetening O2's appeal further is that it owns a string of concert venues across the UK and is able to offer priority booking and even discounted tickets for select events.

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Three Mobile's award-winning One plan is justly regarded as one of the best for smartphone owners. That's due in no small part to a generous unlimited usage allowance that frees you up to stream video, downloads apps and music and browse the internet as often as you like. As well as offering the iPhone, Three's handset portfolio includes the latest BlackBerrys, Android phones and Nokia Nseries handsets.

Three's SIM only deals are also highly attractive and are a great option for anyone who is happy with their existing handset and wants to take advantage of the network's attractive tariffs and allowances.

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Virgin Media

Virgin Media specialises in low-cost tariffs. Mobile phone only customers can grab a great phone for free on monthly tariff deals starting from just over £10. Those who take another service from Virgin Media pay even less. And as an incentive to retain your business, pay as you go customers get £10 off their next phone every time they top up by £100.

The company has won a slew of awards for customer service, as well as for the coverage its network provides.

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Talk mobile

TalkMobile may not be as recognisable as some of the other brands above, but stands out for some outstanding call rates and highly flexible short term contract offers. Cheap international calls are another strong factor behind why more and more people choosing TalkMobile.

SIM Free

Buying a phone SIM free means you are not tied to any network and enables you to take advantage of some excellent SIM only tariffs once you've got your handset. Because many of these are on rolling contracts, you'll also be able to switch network if you're not happy with your service or whenever a better deal comes along.