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What's new with Apple Music? Here's 5 things you need to know

Apple Music hero

It’s not even a year since Apple launched its Apple Music streaming service.

But despite a booming subscriber base of 13 million and rising, the tech giant is set to completely overhaul its music offering after being stung by criticism that the service is clunky, awkward to use and simply not as good as Spotify or Tidal.

So, what does it mean for you and me? And when will the new look be ready?

Read on and we’ll tell you five things you need to know about Apple Music’s redesign.

1 Black and white

The colourful look of Apple Music could be politely described as ‘busy’. If you were being unkind, though, you'd say that it’s something of a mess.

According to reports, the service will be given a complete makeover, with a simple black and white look, not dissimilar to that which makes Spotify so easy to use on iPhones and Android devices.

It means that fonts and background won’t change depending on the colour of cover art, making things look a lot more uniform and, essentially, a lot more 'Apple'.

2 Album artwork improvements

apple music album art

Apple has been slated for getting album artwork wrong when it comes to its poorly realised iCloud Music Library tool.

It looks as if it will go some way to redressing this by putting artwork at the front and centre of the new Apple Music, with covers dominating the screen so as not to make things look too simplistic.

Think along the same lines of Spotify and you get the picture.

3 Improved browsing

music browsing

Flicking through Apple Music’s library is, frankly, a chore.

That’s why the company is ditching the ‘New’ tab, a mess of different charts and playlists and replacing it with a new ‘Browse’ function.

This will offer an easier way to navigate around and find new music without being pointed towards tunes and albums you’re unlikely to listen to.

The ‘For You’ recommendation engine is also set to be simplified, so finding music you may like based on your previous listening habits is easier and less confusing.

It will have greater prominence within the app, a move that is a clear response to the success of Spotify’s ‘Discover Weekly’ playlists.

4 3D shortcuts

3d touch iphone

3D Touch, the iPhone 6s’s pressure sensitive tech, is set to forma a major part of the new look Apple Music.

The idea is to make navigation from a track to other related songs and artists much easier, as well as offering improved ways of sharing track links with friends via email and social media.

5 All set for WWDC

WWDC 2016

Apple Music’s new look will be revealed at the company’s Worldwide Developer Conference, which kicks off with a keynote speech from CEO Tim Cook on June 13th.

As it’s part of iOS 10, it may be that the official release doesn’t actually happen until autumn, when Apple’s updated mobile operating system will be released alongside the iPhone 7.

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