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Buying an iPhone 8 SIM free: pros and cons


Choosing whether to buy the iPhone 8 SIM free or on a monthly contract is no small undertaking.

Below we take a look at some of the reasons you may want to go SIM free. As well as the reasons a contract might be the better option, depending on your circumstances.

Reasons for buying an iPhone 8 SIM free

1) You'll save money

Uswitch research shows that buying the iPhone 8 SIM free and off contract and then signing up for a good SIM only deal can save you hundreds of pounds over the course of a two-year contract term.

If you're clever, you can sign up for a 0% credit card and use it to buy the iPhone 8. That way you get to buy it outright, but can pay it back in instalments and won't incur any interest.

2) You're able to choose from a range of networks

Buy an iPhone SIM free and won't be restricted to the major carriers, who offer contract deals.

You'll also be able to pick from smaller carriers who specialise in cheap SIM only deals that prioritise generous monthly allowances over freebies and attractive customer incentives that you may not use much. If at all.

3) You won't be tied into a lengthy contract

Some of the best SIM only deals run on a rolling contract basis. So you can cancel any time you like.

4) You can sell your phone easily if you want to upgrade

Let's suppose you want to upgrade to a different phone next year. If you bought your iPhone 8 SIM free, you can sell it whenever you like and put the money towards a new handset.

You're not tied in to the contract as you would be had you bought it on a standard phone-and-tariff deal.

Reasons to buy an iPhone 8 on a monthly contract instead

To be frank, if you've got the cash to hand to pay for an iPhone 8 upfront there's scant reason not to do so.

But, of course, not too many people have £699 to hand. Which is what the cheapest version of the iPhone 8 costs to buy SIM free at the time of writing.

By contrast, if you shop around you can grab an iPhone 8 on a two-year contract and much between £50-£150 upfront.

Not sure you want to get the iPhone 8 SIM free? Check out our pick of the best iPhone 8 contracts.