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iPhone Xs Max

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Apple iPhone Xs Max

At a glance

  • Bright 6.5" OLED screen is largest on any iPhone
  • Faster and more powerful, with improved facial security
  • More advanced portrait camera mode than iPhone X
6.5" OLED screen2688x1242 resolution
12MP dual cameras Adjustable 'bokeh' effect for portrait shots
Up to 25 hours talk timeFast charge-capable
Facial recognition securityFaster and more secure than iPhone X

iPhone XS Max deals: SIM free or pay monthly?

The iPhone XS Max isn't cheap. By anyone's standards.

If you want to pick it up SIM free, you're looking £1,099 for the cheapest 64GB model, or £1,249 for the 256GB edition. And if you prefer the top-of-the-range 512GB version, expect to pay £1,449.

If you do plump for an iPhone XS Max SIM free, you'll then need to sign up for a SIM only deal.

The cheapest start at about £5 per month. But if you want a goodish allowance that lets you make the most of your handset, you should budget for at least £10 per month.

We've crunched the numbers and it does work out cheaper to buy the iPhone XS Max SIM free.

Depending on the network and allowances you choose, you can often save as much as £200 over the course of a two-year contract.

But the catch is that you'll need to have over £1,000 to pay out upfront. And that's not the kind of money that most people have to hand.

Opt for a iPhone XS Max monthly contract deal and you'll be paying much less upfront. But you'll still have to find a substantial sum each month.

Our advice would be to go for a SIM free iPhone XS Max deal if you've got £1,000 to pay hand. You'll without doubt save yourself money in the long run.

But if you haven't got the cash to pay upfront, opting for pay monthly is still the best option.

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Using comparison tables to get a good iPhone XS Max deal

The iPhone XS Max is Apple's most expensive phone so far. Which makes it all the more important that you shop around for a good deal.

Our comparison tables collate our selection of some of the best iPhone XS Max deals around, taking in direct deals from networks and offers from re-sellers, such as and fonehouse, that often work out a bit cheaper.

Using the filters on the left-hand side of the page, just select how much data allowance you think you'll need, as well as how much you'd like to pay per month and how much you'd be happy to pay upfront. And we'll do the rest.

The iPhone XS and XR are cheaper. But what will I miss out on?

Although similar, there are a number of key features that set the iPhone XS Max apart from its stablemates, the iPhone XS and the iPhone XR.

To get a quick precis of what each phone offers, take a look as we compare all three phones.

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