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Complaints upheld over iPhone ads

Apple has been forced to withdraw an advertisement for the iPhone after the advertising watchdog upheld complaints that it was misleading.

The TV ad contained the claim that owners of the iPhone could download content “really fast”.

Its voiceover said: "So what's so great about 3G? It's what helps you get the news, really fast, find your way, really fast. And download pretty much anything, really fast.”

However, following 17 complaints from the public that the ad “exaggerated the speed of the iPhone 3G” the Advertising Standards Authority has ruled that the claim is misleading and has barred Apple from running it.

Apple had attempted to counter the claims on the grounds that the speed claim made in the ad was "relative rather than absolute in nature" and said that compared with the first-generation 2G iPhone the new 3G version did deliver fast downloads.

A sequence used in the trailer was also censured since it appearing to show downloading and installing taking place very easily and speedily.

The ASA said that this would “lead viewers to believe that the device actually operated at or near to the speeds shown in the ad”.

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