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Spotify coming to the iPhone?

The popular music streaming service Spotify could soon be available for iPhones, it has been reported.

According to a report from TechCrunch, Spotify could be on the way to the iPhone as well as Symbian S60 handsets, which would mean it would be available on Nokia phones too.

The technology news provider based its assertion on the fact that the company has hired a director of portable solutions as well as a Symbian 60 developer.

It is rumoured that although the service will only be available to premium users initially, this group will have access to the site’s entire library of music tracks and be able to formulate playlists.

Customers also be able to cache songs on the phone so that they do not lose them when they are out of range.

A mobile version of the site would mark another milepost for Spotify which has gone from a relative unknown service to an online music phenomenon in a matter of months.

However, the question that will need to be resolved is whether Apple will allow Spotify onto the iPhone and in so doing allow the service to compete directly with iTunes.

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