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Apple unveils iPhone update

Copy and paste and MMS messaging are coming to the iPhone at last, thanks to the forthcoming “major update” of the handset’s operating system.

The update will bring 100 new features to the iPhone, with many of these indicating that Apple is responding to customers’ feedback over the functions they require.

iPhone owners have been lobbying for a cut and paste feature for months and became more vociferous when the function begun appearing on rival phones.

Apple's Scott Forstall told BBC Online: "While things like copy and paste and multi-media messaging (MMS) are things they have needed to do for a while, other features will in essence stop consumers buying other smartphones and raise the amount of money people spend on the iPhone.”

Other new functions that the upgrade has brought include stereo Bluetooth, a new search engine that lets users search apps and files and voice memo.

The upgrade is expected to be made available from summer this year.

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