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  5. Bling iPhone pushes barriers of bad taste

Bling iPhone pushes barriers of bad taste

We love Apple products here at Top 10 Mobile phones. In fact, we’re the kind of Apple apostles who've never met a Macbook we didn’t like. If we were asked to justify our love, we’d talk about the clean, cool look that characterises iPods and our favourite-ever Apple device the iPhone. Just as important, meanwhile, is the crisp white colour scheme that the company favours, which as far as we’re concerned is redolent of a better and brighter future.

But this week we finally came across an iPhone we wouldn’t like to own. Said handset is the brainchild of high-end Austrian jeweller Peter Aloisson who has slavered an iPhone in 18 carat gold and given it a diamond trim. It’s gaudier than a Liberace TV special and twice as tacky. Moreover, it could well be the worst transgression again style and design since some bright spark thought it would a wizard wheeze to add colour to the monochrome expressionist masterpiece Metropolis.

Amazingly, the price of this telephonic monstrosity is a cool £2 million. That’s costly enough to put it out of the range of even bling-crazed Hip Hoppers who might otherwise stump up the cash-money. In fact, we find it very hard to believe it’ll find any takers in the West during these tough times. But we wouldn’t rule out a Russian oligarch giving one to his mistress as a present.

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