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iPhone App Store mired in controversy again

Regular readers of this blog will know that Apple’s App Store is no stranger to controversy. Some months back it was slammed for banning the Obama trampoline game on the somewhat inexplicable grounds that it was unduly political. It was, in truth, nothing more than a silly, albeit fun, diversion.

Then, just after that furore, the appearance of gun apps saw the store mired in the debate about youth crime. Here at Top 10 Mobile Phones, we were puzzled as to just how the shooter simulators had got through the App Store’s notoriously censorious approval policy. How could a silly trampoline game be verboten, when something that genuinely has the power to offend was deemed fit for public consumption?

Today, however, the vagaries of Apple’s approval policy have been muddied even further, after it was forced to issue an official apology over the Baby Shaker app. Players of this deeply offensive game were charged with shaking the iPhone until red Xs appear over a baby's eyes. Truly, it’s a new low for exploitative games.

We’re not 100 per cent down on Apple’s approval policy. For one thing we appreciate that it’s partly there to protect us from shonky, rip-off apps. But we’re equally sure that rabidly offensive games such as Baby Shaker have place at the App Store.

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