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  5. Sky+ remote recording comes to the iPhone

Sky+ remote recording comes to the iPhone

Sky has unveiled a new application for iPhone owners that lets them record the broadcaster's TV programmes while they are on the move.

Available to download for free from the iPhone store, the handset enables owners of Apple’s device to set their Sky+ or Sky+HD set-top box to record wherever they are in the world, provided they set it to do so at least half an hour before the programme starts.

In order that viewers can see what they might be missing, the Sky+ Remote Record app displays seven days of TV programmes to be shown on Sky's network of channels.

A statement from Sky read: "Whether you're stuck at work, in the pub or gym, or have simply forgotten to record something, this free application is perfect for those situations when you hear about a TV show and want to record it there and then.”

Sky has offered its remote recording application for other mobile phones for some time, but it has not appeared on the iPhone until now.

To begin using the iPhone app, users must register their details on Sky’s website.

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