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  5. T-Mobile catalogue ‘confirms 32GB iPhone’

T-Mobile catalogue ‘confirms 32GB iPhone’

T-Mobile catalogue ‘confirms 32GB iPhone’

An online product catalogue has appeared to confirm that the next iPhone will feature 32GB of internal memory.

The storage space of the third edition of Apple’s handset was apparently revealed on T-Mobile’s Australian website, where the phone featured in the 'coming soon' section.

Apple has yet to substantiate the specifications of its new phone or even affirm its existence, which has only seemed to fuel further speculation on technology websites.

Rumours currently circulating around the phone are that it will be only an incremental upgrade and will be home to a 3.2 megapixel camera with video recording and editing capabilities.

Apple is expected to unveil the new iPhone next month, with fans predicting that June 17th will be the most likely date for the announcement.

News of the new mobile phone from the company comes after a report from Gartner showed that some four million units of the current-generation of iPhones were sold during the last year.

This compares with just 1.7 million during 2007 and represented 11 per cent of all handset sales across the globe.

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