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Top 10 iPhone rumours: Part 2

Top 10 iPhone rumours: Part 2

Yesterday, we took an informed look at five of the most widely circulated rumours about the new iPhone. But with speculation over the handset’s specifications refusing to abate, today we’re casting our critical eyes over some more.

So without further ado, here's numbers five to ten in our round-up...

5) It’ll have 50 per cent better battery life

Along with the lack of video recording facilities, the disappointing battery life of the 3G iPhone was one the most oft-heard complaints from owners. We anticipate that it’ll be something that Apple will almost certainly take care of with its new phone.

6) A digital compass will be installed

Ever since we owned a pair of Clarks Commando shoes, we’ve been firmly in favour of bits of kit that come equipped with a compass. So, naturally we’d love to think that this rumour is the real deal. But we’d actually be more surprised if the next iPhone didn’t have one installed.

The evidence for this? Well, Apple appears to become more and more interested in location-based services by the day. And it’s not hard to see how a digital compass would fit in with this strategy.

For the record, however, this wouldn’t be a feature exclusive to Apple's new phone. The Samsung Omnia HD and the forthcoming Nokia N97 both have digital compasses.

7) MMS messaging will be improved

The lack of MMS capabilities on earlier iPhone editions was a glaring omission. But happily a minor addition such as this wouldn’t be hard for Apple to implement. And the addition of the service in the last OS 3.0 update suggests that this ought to be a near certainty.

However, given that MMS messaging has been standard on even low-end handsets for some time, we’re not sure if this’ll get the Macolytes particularly excited.

8) The CPU horsepower will double

If loose talk is to believed, Apple is planning to replace the current 400MHz and double the RAM to 256MB for improved processing. We think this is one is a gimme.

Of course, should this be the case it’ll be a much larger drain on the battery. Which is where we came in with rumour number five…

9) The design will change

Apparently, Apple is to do away with the metal band that features on current-gen iPhones and will add a glowing logo to the back of the handsets.

If this is so, it’s fair to say that design guru Jonathon Ive hasn’t strained himself unduly. But given that the iPhone is still far and away the best-looking mobile phone ever, we’re saying: "If ain’t broke, don’t fix it".

10) The LCD screen will be replaced with OLED display

OLED screens are getting cheaper by the day, which bodes well for a better screen on the new iPhone.

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