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iPhone 3GS due June 19th

iPhone 3GS due June 19th

The new generation iPhone will arrive on June 19th and will be equipped with 32GB of onboard memory, Apple has confirmed.

Specifications for the third-generation handset emerged during a speech from Scott Forstall, senior vice president of iPhone software, at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco.

The new mobile phone, which has been dubbed the iPhone 3GS, will also feature video recording, Mr Forstall revealed, as well as copy and paste for multimedia messages, voice-activated dialing and improved processing power to allow for faster use.

Phill Schiller, vice president of Apple, who also in attendance at the expo, commented: "The iPhone has changed how people think about their phones - it wasn't too long ago that people were frustrated with…what I'll call crappy devices.

“The "s" stands for speed – because it's the fastest, most powerful iPhone we've ever made."

Despite speculation that Vodafone was in line to carry the handset, it has now emerged that current-carrier O2 will retain exclusive rights to sell the new model.

O2 is to offer the smartphone for £274.38 when customers take out an 18-month contract at £29.38 per month. This entitles them to 75 minutes and 125 texts per month.

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