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Top 10 iPhone summer holiday applications

Top 10 iPhone summer holiday applications

Going on holiday? Got an iPhone? Here’s a list of ten applications that will enhance your trip – whether it’s a no expense spent staycation or a no expenses spared sojourn to sunny climes.

1) Flight tracker

This neat little app takes some of the stress out of traveling. Not only can you check gate numbers but you’ll also be able to see if there any delays or cancellations, too.

2) iSpeak

As Basil Fawlty’s tribulations show us shouting loudly at foreigners is a pretty ineffective way of making yourself understood. Happily, iSpeak means that we might never have to suffer that spectacle again.

All you need do is type a phrase in English and the app will deliver a perfect translation in seconds. Languages supported include Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Polish, and Swedish

3) Sky Sports Football App

The last thing you want when you’re en vacances is the vexation of not knowing how your boys got on. Sky Sports’ football app lets you keep up to date with all the latest news and scores from the English and Scottish leagues.

4) Amazon Kindle

Short of reading matter for those long, lazy days by the pool? Worry not. Amazon Kindle is a brilliant e-reader that offers instant book downloads and brings libraries worth of great reads right to your iPhone.

5) Lonely Planet City Guides

These does exactly what it says on the tin and brilliantly puts local history and points of interest at your fingertips.

6) The Associated Press Mobile News Network

We’re only too familiar with rising late to find that you’ve missed out on local shops’ consignment of UK newspapers. The Associated Press Mobile News Network lets you get your news fix in a trice – and there’s a nice of mix of fluffy gossip stories and serious news on offer, also.

7) Ambiance

Madonna, at her distressed leggings and big crucifixes peak, once described a holiday as a time “to come together, to release the pressure”. We’d do well to abide by her definition.

Ambiance describes itself as an environment enhancer and offers a range of soothing sounds to bring you down from even the most hedonistic night on the tiles. If you don’t own a copy of Brian Eno’s ambient touchstone Music for Airports (If not, why not?), this is the next best thing.

8) Rolando

Aeons after hitting the App Store, this Loco Roco-aping game is still the best diversion on the iPhone. It’s what accelerometers were made for.

9) WorldMate Gold

This great bit of software combines everything you could possibly need while on holiday in one great little app. Features include a currency converter, one-click maps and world clocks. Plus there’s plenty of storage space for your travel itinerary.

10) Pano

Because nothing makes your peers more jealous of your trip than some lush photos of the verdant scenery you’ve been enjoying. Pano lets you take consecutive photos of a vista and segues them together seamlessly in one brilliant panoramic shot.

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