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Top 10 music iPhone apps named

Top 10 music iPhone apps named

Without a doubt, today’s big mobile phone story is the news that Spotify has been approved for the iPhone. But to tide you over until it officially goes on sale, here’s our list of the Top 10 iPhone music apps.

1 Beatmaker

This is essentially a sampler/sequencer that fits snugly in your pocket. It's truly amazing for capturing found sounds when you’re out and about. Functions include the option to import sounds and loop them, as well as add delay and EQ.

If you’ve got aspirations to join Shadow, Jay Dilla, Timbaland et al at the top of the Hip-Hop auteur tree, you need this in your life.

2 Shazam

The evergreen Shazam may not be new, but it’s still a terrific bit of software. Users are able to hold their phone up to unfamiliar music and get notification of the artist and title in a trice. And it’s also got a great Last FM-style recommendation function to help you discover new music.

3 Band

When Steve Wonder was still knee-pant-wearing Little Stevie, he reportedly strolled into the Motown offices for the first time and played every instrument better than the crack team of session musicians assembled.

Loaded with virtual versions of everything from a keyboard, guitars (bass and electric) and drum kits, Band gives you the chance to get tactile with that touchscreen to show that you’re just as much of a virtuoso.

4 Pandora

In a nutshell, Pandora is an internet radio app that provides users with music matched to your personal tastes.

5 Star6

If you’re chockfull of ideas, but haven’t the musical chops to make good on them, we fancy that Star6 could be the app for you. Users can remix tracks simply by giving their mobile a flick. Or they can record new sounds and adorn songs with samples from the extensive library provided.

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6 Nine Inch Nails app

We’re not a fan of Trent Reznor’s crunchingly uncompromising approach to melody - read no tunes. But even we can see that he understands the joys of apps better than most musicians out there. And if you’re a fan, it’s NIN nirvana, offering music, photos, videos and message boards. And it even harnesses GPS to put you in touch with other fans in the vicinity.

7 Guitar Rock Tour

Live out your axe hero fantasies with this Guitar Hero-style game. For good or ill, all the classics are here, including Smoke on the Water, Beat It and Heart-Shaped Box.

8 Be Like Lil’ Wayne

Not satisfied with buying Lil' Wayne’s tunes? Well, this officially approved app goes one better and lets you bling out your iPhone library with Lil' Wayne acoutrements – think blinding gold teeth and vast tattoos that cover entire continents.

9 RjDj Album

This records real world sounds and then incorporates them in a soothing ambient wash. Better than listening to Another Green World while luxuriating in the hot tub.

10 Perfect Rhyme

If your flow has got up and flown, this rhyming dictionary is a boon. Brilliant for Hip Hoppers and anyone else with songwriting aspirations, too.

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