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iPhone 3G S production skyrocketing

iPhone 3G S production skyrocketing

Apple has upped orders for iPhones in anticipation of massive demand for the handsets in the run up to Christmas.

According to a report from Digitimes, the Chinese manufacturers of the image sensors used in iPhone cameras are raising production by 17-20 per cent to cope with demand.

The news comes just ahead of the arrival of the iPhone 3G S on the Orange network in the UK this month. Currently, Apple handsets are exclusively available on O2.

Orange has yet to officially confirm the launch date, but a report from the Times earlier this week cited an unnamed industry source who claimed that the handset will go on sale on November 10th.

This has since been lent credence by an email sent on Monday to Orange customers who have registered their interest in buying the iPhone 3G S. The message said that pricing details and availability will be confirmed in a follow-up email to be sent within the next seven days.

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