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  5. iPhone games ‘not up to scratch,’ says gaming guru

iPhone games ‘not up to scratch,’ says gaming guru

In a candid interview with C&VG, David Braben, a developer of some esteem who was behind the WiiWare sleeper hit Lost Winds, has dubbed the majority of iPhone games "rubbish”. What’s needed, he ventures, is a more stringent approval policy.


Quoth David: “There’s a little bit of a ‘gate keeper’ thing with Nintendo which raises the bar very slightly because you’ve got to have dev kits, but that’s a good thing.

“Look at iPhone; there are so many games that aren’t up to scratch, without being too negative about it. It’s very hard to find the good stuff amongst the rubbish.”

Harsh or fair? Personally we’re right behind him. For sure, Nintendo’s policy can seem a little heavy-handed at times. But when shoppers at the App Store have got to wade through a shower of games that wouldn’t get props from even the most casual gamer it means that something’s got to give, surely?

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