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  5. iPhone landing on Orange November 10th

iPhone landing on Orange November 10th

 iPhone landing on Orange November 10th

Orange will begin offering iPhones on its network from November 10th, it has been reported, with 3 also declaring an interest in selling the handsets next year.

The date for the launch of Apple mobile phones on the Orange network was reported by the Times, which declined to disclose its source.

Meanwhile, 3 chief executive Kevin Russell has revealed that he anticipates being able to sell the iPhone 3G S “sometime in 2010”.

Addressing delegates at the Westminster eForum, Mr Russell added. "At the moment, we don't have the iPhone.

“We don't really have any smartphones but if we improve our range of smartphones and introduce the iPhone then our data traffic will grow massively."

Vodafone has yet to disclose specifically when it expects to be able to offer iPhones to customers, but is also forecast to wait until next year before adding the handsets to its product portfolio.

Currently, the iPhone is only available in the UK on O2, with the move towards other carriers offering the mobiles set to end an exclusivity arrangement the network has had since the launch of the first iPhone in 2007.

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