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  5. Palm Pre demand outstrips first iPhone

Palm Pre demand outstrips first iPhone

Palm Pre demand outstrips first iPhone

First-week sales of the Palm Pre in the UK could exceed those of the first iPhone, a survey suggests.

In a poll conducted by TNS technology, 26 per cent of mobile phone users quizzed said they would definitely buy the phone or would probably do so.

By way of comparison, when the same question was just ahead of the launch of the iPhone in 2007 just 16 per cent expressed an interest in buying it.

The survey’s findings also suggested that the Pre could be a significant help to carrier O2 in the battle for UK market share, after having recently lost exclusivity on the latest version of Apple’s mobile phone, the iPhone 3G S.

This was borne out by the fact that 32 per cent of the sample group who were currently with other networks said they were likely to switch to O2 to get a Palm Pre.

Kevin Evans, associate director at TNS Technology, said: “The Palm Pre is already being touted as the ‘iPhone killer’ and our research certainly suggests it’s going to shake up the market.

"The decision to offer the Pre free to those on a 24-month contract is in sharp contrast to the £269 price of the iPhone at its launch, while the launch timing capitalises on the fact that thousands of UK iPhone early-adopters are approaching the end of their 18-month contract period, while the next-generation iPhone is not expected until next June."

The Pre, which has sold over a million units in the US alone, launches in the UK on Friday October 16th.

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