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iPhone application to promote witchcraft

It may seem surprising that it has taken so long, but at last the first iPhone application dedicated to the teen wizard Harry Potter has hit the App Store.

Called Harry Potter Spells and developed by Warner Bros, the app encourages users to waggle the iPhone about like a wand in order to cast reality-bending magic onscreen.

There are 14 different pieces of magic to master and there is even a ranking system to let you know how good your are in comparison with other pupils within the Hogwarts house system.

You will of course need to visit Ollivander's wand shop to choose your implement before you start the main game.

If you decide to purchase the Potter app you will not only be able to compare your scores with other would-be wizards worldwide, but you can also share your attempts with your mates thanks to its Facebook integration.

The release of the app has been received with mild apprehension by some. The iPhone has been a haven for independent app developers, but it is expected that more and more big names will begin to sell their wares via the app store.

Although this corporate involvement may herald an improvement in app quality, concerns about the independents being pushed out of the market are widespread.

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