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iPhone fanboys have no sense of history

A poll on the show’s website shows that 74 per cent of voters reckon that the iPhone ought to have got the nod. But, I’m afraid to break it to the Apple fanboys that it’s the minority who are in the right this time around.

Dynatrac vs iPhone

Don’t get me wrong, I think the iPhone - in all three of its incarnations - is unspeakably lovely. And I can also see that it singlehandedly makes a great case for why convergence of devices is a good thing. But as the donnish John Bentley pointed out, rather crucially it didn't actually bring anything new to the table.

Even apps, which are the iPhones’ key selling point as far as Joe Public is concerned, had been around for ages. They just hadn’t taken off until Apple brought its marketing nous and commercial savvy to bear on the sector.

By contrast, simply by dint of being the first commercially available mobile phone, the Motorola DynaTac was a beautiful bound into the future. Amid all the jibes about its brick-like dimensions and 16 minute talk time, it’s easy to forget that. And what's more, if the DynaTAC is cool enough for gambino Tommy Vercetti from retro-fest Grand Theft Auto: Vice City then frankly it’s cool enough for you, too.

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