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iPhone Tescopoly? Bring it on

Just when it seemed that hopes of an iPhone price war had faded, news reached us this morning that put a rocket under the UK market for Apple mobiles. In an exclusive Top10 interview a spokesperson for Tesco has confirmed not only that it's planning to start selling said handsets before Xmas, but that it could be offering them below the going rates.

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I know we’ve been here before, but suspend your cynicism for just a second. Tesco, lest we forget, is one of the world’s largest retailers and is noted for aggressive price cutting. And the sheer scale of the business means it’s easily capable of selling the phone as a loss leader a la CDs and DVDs.

And then of course, there’s the PR capital that Tesco could make from a price cut. After the palpable disappointment of Orange’s failure to turn the screw on O2 with cheaper deals, the scene is set for Tesco to be cast as a democratising force that's liberating the handset from its core market of early adopters and smarphone superfans.

Natch, it's this demographic - who'll no longer be able to boast about their phones - that will be most upset by today's news. But as far as the rest of us go, Tesco's announcement is one of most appealing developments of the last year.

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