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iPhone to become UK's No1 selling mobile phone

iPhone to become UK's No1 selling mobile phone

The iPhone is set to become Britain’s biggest selling mobile phone, a member of a leading mobile industry market analysis firm has predicted.

Addressing crowds at the Canalys Mobility Forum in London, Pete Cunningham said that iPhone sales in the UK will receive a massive boost from being available on a range of carriers.

To back up his forecast, Mr Cunnigham highlighted how Apple mobiles became France’s most popular handsets during the third quarter of 2009, just months after the French government's ruling that Orange’s exclusivity on iPhones violated competition laws cleared the way for rival networks to enter the market.

His prediction comes a week after Orange UK began selling iPhones, in so doing bringing an end to O2’s two-year exclusivity on the high-end smartphones. Both carriers will face further competition from January 2010 when Vodafone is set to start offering the handsets.

Such was the extent of pent-up demand for iPhones among Orange customers that unit sales reportedly exceeded 30,000 on the launch day alone.

In a bid to head off customer migration to rival networks, O2 has moved to sweeten its iPhone offering with a price cut for its tethering add-on and a 90-day free trial for the Sky Sports app.

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