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  5. iPhone's touch screen keypad gets physical peripheral

iPhone's touch screen keypad gets physical peripheral

Back in the early days of mainstream mobile phones you could buy a joystick add-on for Nokia handsets that would make it easier to play Snake. And that was all it did, other than perhaps making your phone look as though it was very pleased to see you.

Now, almost a decade later, another piece of plastic has hit the market that aims to improve upon a basic phone function and this time it has the iPhone's onscreen keypad in its sights. The product is called the 4iThumbs, but is it brilliant or a waste of money?

There are two versions available, for portrait and landscape typing. Each one essentially adds a plastic skin over the top of the iPhone screen with raised pads corresponding to the placement of the onscreen keys which you push down to type.

According to its manufacturers, the 4iThumbs will improve your typing speed and accuracy after just an hour of use. You will obviously need to remove the plastic cover if you want to use the iPhone for anything other than typing and in an instructional video it is revealed that you can apply adhesive sections to the rear of the phone to store the plastic cover when it is not in use.

Without actually purchasing the 4iThumbs it is difficult to comment on its effectiveness, but from the pictures it seems as though whilst it may improve your typing speed, it will make your iPhone look as if it has been customised by someone who is, ironically, all thumbs.

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