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  5. Orange defends iPhone streaming limits

Orange defends iPhone streaming limits

Orange defends iPhone streaming limits

Orange has moved to reassure potential iPhone buyers over concerns that streaming content would be heavily restricted on its contracts.

Earlier this week, it emerged that the network’s terms and conditions for iPhones include a clause stipulating a monthly 750MB download cap.

The usage limit raised fears that use of popular streaming applications and services, such as YouTube and Spotify, would be heavily restricted.

One site calculated that the limit, which apparently soley applies to non-Orange services, would only allow iPhone users to stream around 13 hours of music per month.

However, Orange has now attempted to allay consumers' fears ahead of the launch of Apple mobile phones on the network.

Orange spokesman Conor Maples said: "We have had iPhone in other European countries for a while now & research shows the average user uses less than 200MB per month.

“750MB is actually quite a lot of Mobile Data too—it’s about five hours of video downloaded from YouTube, 75,000 mobile web pages or 30,000 normal web pages, it’s 250 full music tracks (if an average a track is about 3MB) or 1500 mobile games.”

The controversy over the download restrictions comes after a number of customers expressed disappointment that the price points of Orange’s iPhone contracts were in line with those of the handsets’ current UK exclusive carrier O2.

It had been hoped that increased competition in the market would result in cheaper prices for the high-end phones.

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