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Orange iPhone powers to record sales

Orange iPhone powers to record sales

Orange iPhone sales raced past 30,000 units yesterday, as pent up demand for the handsets saw the network set a new launch-day sales record.

The impressive showing for Orange came despite predictions that its decision to keep iPhone price points in line with rival carrier O2 would dampen demand.

Prior to Orange announcing its contract terms, it had been hoped that the advent of competition among iPhone carriers would result in substantial price drops.

However, according to the carrier, the record-breaking figure of 30,000 sales was attained by 4pm yesterday, as consumers rushed to buy the handset ahead of the Christmas rush.

Consumers can pick up the latest version of the handset, the iPhone 3G S on Orange for free when they sign up to contract deals starting at £45 per month over 24 months.

The previous 3G edition edition of the phone is free from £30 per month, once again with a two-year contract.

In a bid to stymie its new market rival, O2 yesterday launched a new iPhone tariff dubbed Total Connectivity.

This provides customers with free home broadband when they sign up for O2’s iPhone tethering add-on.

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