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  5. TomTom iPhone app to receive free update

TomTom iPhone app to receive free update

TomTom iPhone app to receive free update

In response to initial criticisms levelled at its first GPS navigation app, TomTom is releasing a free upgrade which rectifies all of the problems and adds in other features that whilst many may not have thought of in the first place, should prove indispensable.

At the top of the list of improvements is the text-to-speech function which will automatically read out street names and alert the driver to points of interest.

Detailed graphical representations of complex junctions and routes are also included.

As an added bonus the TomTom app is now integrated with iPod music controls which let you change track, choose a playlist and adjust the volume without having to exit the GPS app and interrupt your navigation.

Current owners of the app will benefit from the updated mapping which comes as part of the package and TomTom has even included a current list of speed camera locations.

If you already have the iPhone TomTom GPS navigation application then the update is free of charge, but new users will be able to buy the new version of the application for the same price as the original from the App Store.

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