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Why I need an iPhone on Orange

I’ve waited for nearly a year to get an iPhone. I guess I wanted to get one as soon as I saw what they could do, but I refused to make the (admin heavy) leap to switch out my Orange mobile phone plus free home broadband mega deal over to O2. This was even though O2 home broadband may have been faster and the overall reward on switching was an iPhone - it was just never enough for me to get on with it.

Orange iPhone sign up

As a patient adopter, I was left waiting for the iPhone to land on Orange and – thankfully - about 6 months ago the “Orange will get the iPhone” rumours started to surface. Reason enough for me to hang around with Orange for a while I thought.

Which got me thinking about brand loyalty too. I have been amazingly faithful to Orange over the years . I have been with them since I left college back in 1999 - contracted to them month after month without a so much as a moan from me. I have been on every tariff imaginable in this time – Racoon, Dolphin, Text 200, you name it. What’s in a colour? Quite a lot probably in the case of Orange if it kept me with them despite cheaper deals on the market over a 10 year period.

So with my upcoming iPhone purchase on the horizon, it’s a joyful time. I’ve been hanging around waiting with my semi-broken Nokia 6500 and a bashed up Sony Ericsson W990i. I even got fed up with these phones and decided to re-adopt my 2006-era mobile of choice – the indestructible Nokia 6230i which I’m using today. I am beginning to feel technologically bankrupt.

iphone large new

So the news that I can finally get an iPhone on Orange is really quite sweet. With my patience and brand loyalty locking me into inferior mobile devices, I feel I actually deserve one. I’ll be able to finally surf the web properly, locate myself on a map, play games and download apps turning my phone into a beer glass. Can’t wait.

..And the best thing is I’ll be purchasing a 16Gb 3G S while all my colleagues back in the office all have inferior old versions on O2, so I’ll even be able to rub my latest iPhone technology in their face. Can’t wait!

The revolution will be mine.

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