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  5. Arcade classic Dragon's Lair hits iPhone

Arcade classic Dragon's Lair hits iPhone

Arcade classic Dragon's Lair hits iPhone

Dragon's Lair, which was a Laserdisc arcade and home console title in the 1980s, has been ported to the iPhone by EA and Digital Leisure.

The game was considered to be more akin to an interactive movie at its time of release and is remembered for being incredibly difficult despite its cartoony look and kid-friendly plot line.

Don Bluth, who used to animate for Disney, was behind Dragon's Lair and the control scheme pre-empted the current popularity of Quick Time Events (QTEs).

This essentially required the player to press the right button combinations and joystick gestures at precisely the right moment in order to watch the next section of film.

Despite its gruelling difficulty the original became popular because of its strong narrative and arresting art style.

For its iPhone incarnation, Dragon's Lair has been toned down, with improvements to the controls at the top of the list of augmentations.

The player can also turn on infinite lives, or allow the game to let them know which buttons they will need to press before their input is required.

If you are a purist, angered by the inclusion of these cheats, then you can always enjoy Dragon's Lair without any help, but for casual gamers the inclusion of features which should make the experience fun rather than simply frustrating will be welcome.

Dragon's Lair is available from the App Store for £2.99 and is highly recommended for its exciting storyline and cinematic qualities.

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