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Art and the iPhone

The moribund state of the art market means that it's pretty hard for artists to make a living right now. But as one enterprising sort who’s now selling her wares via an iPhone app has shown, that’s no reason to give up the ghost.

The app from painter Valentina, who seems to specialise in romantic realism, lets users buy and commission pieces directly from her. And if you’re especially interested in the gal's oeuvre, you can also follow her Twitter updates and watch videos that show her in the studio getting her muse on.

But she’s not the only artist exploring the opportunities for creativity that the iPhone offers. So keen is David Hockney on his handset’s painting app, that according to the New York Review of Books, he’s used it to create around 1,000 images. Some of which we think are utterly charming:

hockney iphone 2

hockney iphone 1

What'll be interesting to see is how the Pop Art luminary’s iPhone work is regarded by experts in years to come - especially because Hockey is on record as saying that what he loves about the app is how quickly it lets him express himself.

Given that these virtual paintings didn’t require as much energy expended, will they be considered ‘great’ in the same way as some of his physical, real-life work? Or more akin to sketches that provide a window into what made the great man tick in his dotage?

And then there's valuation to consider. How will this late-life outpouring of work affect prices for his most canonised pieces? Could they dilute prices by flooding the market?

If you're a bit handy with the iPhone paint apps, we'd love to see your work. Mail them this way and we'll run the best on the site.

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