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iPhone 4G rumours circulate

iPhone 4G rumours circulate

Mobile expert Eldar Murtazin has fuelled new rumours about the hotly anticipated iPhone 4G via Twitter, claiming that technology partner Foxconn and Apple have been working together on the new device in time for a mid 2010 release.

Foxconn is currently the manufacturer behind the iPhone 3G S, as well as being responsible for previous versions of the Apple iPod and the Mac Mini, so it is likely that it will once again be contracted to produce the next iPhone handset.

A year ago Apple employees were discovered carrying out tests using the then unreleased iPhone 3G S in San Francisco, which was classified as version 2.1 of the popular phone franchise.

Last month an app developer revealed the exciting news that his software had been downloaded and used on two different smartphones identifying themselves as version 3.1 of the iPhone.

The rumours from both the manufacturing and software development industries hint strongly that the next generation iPhone is currently undergoing strenuous testing.

Various commentators are speculating about the capabilities of the new phone, with some hoping for a five megapixel camera and improved processing power, while others would like Apple to follow in the footsteps of the Palm Pre and enable multitasking on the iPhone.

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