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  5. List details top iPhone apps and shows of 2009

List details top iPhone apps and shows of 2009

List details top iPhone apps and shows of 2009

A list of the most profitable music, movies, applications and TV shows sold by Apple in 2009 has been released, although the lack of accompanying statistics has confused and vexed some.

Kings of Leon were the unsurprising victors in the album sales charts, with Lily Allen closely following behind, although no figures have been made available to gauge the actual sales.

iPhone applications were ranked based upon how much money they actually pulled in, which resulted in skewed figures showing the most expensive apps at the top.

This included two separate TomTom satnav apps, although the more modestly priced Sims 3 managed to take third place in the list on the power of its popularity alone.

The film rankings are easier to interpret, with the latest James Bond movie The Quantum of Solace just beating Watchmen and Yes Man to take the crown as the UK's most popular download.

HBO comedy series Eastbound and Down was the most popular TV show, followed by period police drama Red Riding and David Attenborough's excellent documentary series Life.

Without official sales figures deeper analysis of the lists is not possible, though these may emerge at a later date.

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