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Pac-Man gets iPhone remake

Pac-Man gets iPhone remake

The critically acclaimed Pac-Man Championship edition, which has been available to console owners for a few months has now been ported to the iPhone.

Although various versions of Pac-Man have previously hit the mobile market, most have been moderately successful emulations. Pac-Man CE will be the first official revisiting of the classic arcade series.

In essence, this new version of Pac-Man is not wildly different from the two dimensional arcade classic, with most of the changes focused on the control scheme and maze design.

While in the past the mazes were fixed to a single screen, this new version includes scrolling, shifting layouts for pathways and edible dots. There is also now a time limit to make the gameplay even more frantic.

Pac-Man Championship Edition has been fully modified for control using the iPhone's multi-touch sensitive display and it is available to download from the App Store for the asking price of £1.79.

This is a limited-period offer, so those looking for some retro fun on their iPhone will need to act fast.

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